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Newborn Tid-bits

  • Ideal shoot date is within the first 14 days. Best day is around day 7 to 9, when they still sleep soundly and love being swaddled.

  • Newborn session typically lasts 2 1/2 hours, which allows for set-up, feedings, and clean-ups. We go at baby's pace.

  • Adding family or sibling shots can lengthen the shoot time. 

  • I come to you so mommy & baby have everything they need. I bring all newborn props.

  • It is best to start with a full baby in just a diaper so they don't startle when we undress them.

  • An open room to set up with good window light is needed.

  • A noise machine or space heater can be helpful in keeping baby warm and calm.

  • I personally like to blend some posed/propped shots with lifestyle family and nursery shots, but please tell me what you are looking for to personalize your session. 

I am only able to shoot weekends


Email me with any questions       Tel: 678.427.2914

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