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Hey, I am Laura Hedges! In 2010 I came across my dad's old film camera and the rest is history. I am fully self-taught and I've been photographing families for the last 10 years. It is something I am absolutely passionate about! I shoot mostly using natural light and especially love capturing those small candid moments between the shots; the tickles, kisses, brushing hair out of her face, even his inappropriate joke that erupts laughter. It is those moments that truly tell your story.

The whole process of getting to know new couples, and then being called back again to capture special moments as they become families or as their family count grows is the biggest compliment! Photographing children is the most rewarding because they exude such innocence and joy and they are only little for a short time. I have mastered the art of the chase-n-snap for running little ones.

I am a new mama and now fully understand how fleeting time is and how important it is to capture each precious stage. 

Fun facts: I am at my happiest in the summer and could never move out of the South. My favorite place to be is on the lake with my family. While I was born in Missouri and raised in Georgia, my heart lies in Texas. 
I do have a full-time job and am only able to shoot on weekends.

Email Me       Tel: 678.427.2914

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